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When You Drink with 2 Fat Guys, We Promise...


You will be drinking quality spirits. We strive to find the exact balance between alcohol and flavor so that you have an amazing time while drinking and when you sober up, life won’t be unbearable.


You’ll be drinking something delicious. We take great pride in our flavors. We don’t stop experimenting until we find a spirit that you’ll want to share with your friends, drink all night long, and supports your wildest dreams while consumed.


We will always support your adventurous spirit by striving to provide you with something new and different. We will also support the adventures that our spirits may incite by posting your records of them to our social media channels with your permission. Share your adventures with us! (check out the #firebeardance)


We want to make you happy. Our favorite part of crafting our spirits is your enjoyment of them. When you let us know what you think it makes our day!